Borrowing Materials for the First Time

To obtain a library card, you must first register. Registration is free, but you need to bring a document (eg. Driver's license, insurance card, student ID, etc.)that has your current address on it. Residents of Hiratsuka, Chigasaki, Hadano, Isehara, Oiso and Ninomiya are eligible. Residents from other areas who work or attend school in Hiratsuka may also apply for a library card, but they must bring a document verifies that they work or attend school in Hiratsuka.

General Borrowing Procedure

In order to borrow materials, please take them to the circulation desk and show your library card. You can borrow up to 15 items (books, magazines, story-boards, CD's, videos, etc.)in total from any of our libraries for up to 2 weeks. You can borrow up to 7 AV items of the 15 items, at four libraries.

Returning Materials

Please return materials to the circulation desk. You do not need to show your library card when returning materials. Materials do not have to be returned to the same library form which they were borrowed. They can be returned to any of our libraries or to our bookmobile. If the libraries are closed, books may be put into the bookdrop outside the library entrance. However, please refrain from putting CD's or videos into the bookdrop as they break easily.

Extending the Borrowing Period

If no one else has requested the borrowed materials, you may extend the borrowing period one time (2 more weeks). To do so, however, you must call (by telephone 0463-31-0415) or show your card at the library from which the materials were originally borrowed.

Requesting Materials

You may reserve materials which other user are borrowing. You may also reserve materials from our website on the internet. You may request books which are not in the Hiratsuka Library system, but which are available in certain other libraries. These include: the National Diet Library, the Kanagawa Prefectural Library, any municipal library in Kanagawa Prefecture, Tokai University Library, and Kanagawa University Library.